Project Development

  1. YEKA Wind Power Plant
  2. Offshore Wind Power Plant
  3. Storage Wind Power Plant
  4. YEKA Solar Power Plant
  5. Floating Solar Power Plant
  6. Storage Solar Power Plant
  7. Biogas/Biomass Power Plant
  8. Unlicensed Wind/Solar Power Plant

Project Management

Pre-Construction Project Management

  1. Planning [Feasibility] Report
  2. Finalization and Implementation Projects
  3. Base Map
  4. Hydrological Studies
  5. Geological and Geotechnical Surveys
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] Process
  7. DSI Water Use Right Agreement
  8. TÜBİTAK RAPSİM Technical Interaction Analysis Process
  9. TEİAŞ/TEDAŞ Connection Opinion
  10. Power Transmission Line Permit Processes
  11. Forestry Permit Process
  12. Expropriation Process
  13. Zoning Plan Approval Process
  14. Building License Permit
  15. Compliance with Legal Legislations
  16. Obtaining EMRA Pre-License
  17. Obtaining EMRA Production License
  18. Investment Incentive Process

Construction Phase Project Management

  1. Tender and Bid Process Management
  2. Administrative and Technical Specification Management
  3. Contract Management
  4. Purchasing and Shipping Process Management
  5. Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Management
  6. Deadline Plan Management
  7. Construction and Equipment Installation Management
  8. Commissioning and Acceptance Process


  1. Administrative Process Consultancy
  2. Technical Consultancy
  3. Investment Consultancy